What has changed in PAD PDF Generators for YetiForce 6.4ΒΆ

YetiForce 6.4 introduces the use of different PDF generators, exactly like PAD PDF Generators plugin introduced in March 2021.
YetiForce 6.4 associates a specific PDF generator to the single PDF template. This makes it useless to select the generator during the export phase: for this reason the generator selection screen has been eliminated.
In addition, this new feature has made obsolete the use of a specific workflow task for sending PDFs created with alternative generators: you can use the built-in workflow task to send a PDF (Send PDF).
These changes required a deep reengineering of the plugin and some changes in the generation specifications.
In this regard, before switching to the new version (1.1.0), it is advisable to carry out some checks to certify that the PDFs are correctly rendered. Specifically, it is recommended, on a test instance of YetiForce, to verify the correctness of the header, footer, watermark and margins.